Big-Bag comfort

The SSB Big-Bag comfort filling system is a modular system for different applications. Easy handling and high performance as well as an optional combination of bottom and top weighing system characterize the Big-Bag comfort. An additional option is the height-adjustable filling spout with hydraulic lifting system. Thanks to this option, different bag formats and sizes as well as octabins and large cartons can be used.

The weighing system consists of two mechanically separate weighing systems that are electronically connected to form a complete scale. This means that a big bag can be weighed suspended or below without the influence of high tare weights, lifting systems or product feeders.

The SSB Big-Bag comfort can be equipped with different dosing systems for coarse and fine dosing depending on the product characteristics, such as

  • Rotary flap with 3 settings
  • dosing screw each for coarse and fine flow
  • vibrating chute with 2 speeds
  • Dosing belt with 2 speeds (coarse / fine dosing)

From the operator platform, which can be mounted on the side or in front of the machine, the bag can be optimally hooked into the load hooks and connected. The rear load hooks are automatically moved forward when the big bag is attached to make it easier for the operator to attach the bag. The hooks open automatically after filling or after the jogging cycle. The position of the hooks can be adjusted for different bag cross-sections.

The system is equipped with a compact control cabinet for controlling the individual components. Operator terminal with touch panel and display of all functions in plain text

  •  Weighing electronics in legal-for-trade and approved version for controlling the dosing system
  • Storage of the product-specific parameters in the grade memory
  • Simatic SPS control
  • Optional application of customer signals
  • Optional remote maintenance
Packaging material: Big bags made of fabric or aluminum composite material with or without inliner, octabin or large cartons.
Performance: 15-35 bags or packs/hour, depending on the packing means and the skill of the operator
Weighing range: 250-1,500 kg at resolution 0.5 kg, according to the calibration law directive 2014/32/EU

BIG BAG FüllanlageExample of a BIG BAG filling line with roller conveyor for the removal of the BIG BAGS or Octabins.

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