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Like all devices of the daily using, the weighing devices have to up dated to new and better features, to be fit for the modern market. We help the customers to follow the state of technology and give an overview how they can update their installations and devices.

Machine foundations and connections do not need to be changed by these conversion measures. The customer usually receives a modernization:

  • Optimized and improved machine sequences
  • Optimized operational reliability through better process control
  • Simplified operation thanks to new graphic panels with simple operator guidance
  • Fault diagnostics with visualized output on control panel
  • Storage and transmission of process data
  • Achievement of new legal requirements such as machine safety or calibration regulations in conjunction with a CE declaration (can be tested in individual cases)





Conversion of a Steimel Fix bagging machine (exchange of wearing parts, weighing electronics etc.)




Replacing obsolete weighing electronics with more modern networked systems



Bild zu veralteten Wägelektroniken. Austausch veralteter Wägeelektroniken zu moderneren, vernetzen Systemen


Neue Wägelektronik. Austausch veralteter Wägeelektroniken zu moderneren, vernetzen Systemen.



Exchange of old controls from e.g. Siemens S5 to Siemens S7 TIA Portal


Veraltete Steuerung: Austausch alter Steuerungen von z.B. Siemens S5 auf Siemens S7 TIA Portal


Steuerung und Erneuerung der elektro- pneumatischen Komponenten