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Granulate thrower GWS 2000: Filling tests of a 53’ container for a USA customer

Füllversuche eines 53' Containers für einen USA Kunden mit unserem Granulatwerfer GWS 2000.

In the USA there are other vehicle lengths and container dimensions to consider.

Extra-long freight containers in 53-foot dimensions are widespread in the USA and Canada and offer considerably more space than the 20, 30, 40-foot sea containers standardised in Germany, which can also be filled here without any problems and are suitable for European terminals and transhipment stations.

We set up and simulated a test with our granulate thrower in our halls for a customer from the USA. The 53′ container posed a challenge.The aim is to fill a 53′ container evenly with granulate.
The inliner has a total length of 16.2 metres and is to be inflated and then filled very quickly by our GWS 2000 granulate thrower. However, the known throwing distances are below the new targets.

The tests in our company are to determine how realistically the new requirements can be implemented.

Here you can find more information about our machine:  GWS2000 pellet thrower