Belt Thrower GWS2000

The GWS2000 belt thrower is a filling device for rear loading of loose bulk materials into 20 – 40″ containers by means of a conveyor belt. The machine is suitable for all granular, grainy and pellet-like products such as plastics, grains, feed, sugar, coffee, etc.) in a size of 1,5 – 10 mm.

Mode of operation

The belt thrower can be mounted on a supporting frame and, depending on a specific task, moved to the rear of the container or attached by a forklift. The supporting frame aslo features two platforms for the operator.

The filling opening of the container inliner is attached to the machine discharge hopper. After starting the machine, the silo discharge gate can be opened. The product is now accelerated by the GWS2000 and thrown into the container. The operator can adjust the height setting as well as the throwing distance via the control panel of the control system.

To prevent overfilling of the container, the product inflow gate valve closes by means of an ultrasonic sensor control. This enables the operator to manually the control the transfer of the remaining quantity/residual material in the Silo.


  • Optimal filling level of the container
  • Time saving, short loading times
  • Cost reduction
  • Clean loading
  • Mobile use
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Fast cleaning

Design variants of Belt thrower GWS2000:

Mounting on containers

  • Fastest set-up times
  • No height compensation by means of lifting table required
  • Most cost-effective variant
  • Requirement: 3t forklift required

Trailer Chassis

  • Flexible in applictation possibilities
  • Small forklift truck sufficient as access vehicle
  • Requirement: Truck chassis heights must be compensated with lift table, towing vehicle required

Electrically mounted industrial truck

  • Flexible in application possibilities
  • No forklift required
  • Requirements: Truck chassis height must be compensated with lift table

Mounted on truck chassis

  • Very short set-up times
  • Flexible in application possibilities
  • Ideal for multiple loading points outside the plant boundaries
  • Equipment remains on truck and cannot be used during transport
  • Requirements: Special chassis required
Packaging material: container with/without inliner
Pure filling capacity: app. 30-90 T/h, depending on product infeed situation
Average filling weight: app. 15-18 T/h (20′ container) by PE/PP Material
Filling degree: app. 95% of theoretical filling degree, app. 90% of total volume ( 20′ container).

Example of loading scale VW500 in combination with belt thrower GWS2000

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