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Packaging Day, 15.06.2023

Packaging Day was launched in 2015 by the German Packaging Institute. Since then, it has taken place annually at the beginning of June. The aim of the initiative is to inform the public about the achievements of packaging and the packaging industry. Packaging Day also aims to raise awareness of the issue of sustainability.

Without packaging, there is no protection of products from damage and spoilage and no way to store or transport them.
SSB Weighing Technology is an expert in the field of weighing bulk or unit loads, through the filling of open-mouth, valve and FFS bags, to the filling of large containers such as big bags and octabins. SSB products are manufactured according to the most modern and highest quality standards.

Bulk goods such as grain, coffee, flour, but also pet food and of course other substances from various industries (chemicals, construction, etc.) are packed at the end of the production chain in so-called big bags, among other things. Big Bags are available in various designs and materials, for example also from recycled bottles. Our partner suppliers and we ourselves are committed to our responsibility, to more sustainability in final and outer packaging, and thus to giving customers an environmentally friendly perspective.

To this end, there is, for example, a system for the environmentally friendly return and recycling of used FIBCs (big bags) from agriculture. The collected big bags are recycled to make new products and thus close the raw material cycle.
Free acceptance of emptied big bags from agriculture (

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