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Take the air out of your product

The sealing station STV 2200 from SSB Wägetechnik GmbH

Sealing and evacuating station for bulk containers


The packaging and transportation of bulk products brings some challenges to the packaging and bagging industry, especially to the manufacturers of the machines.

The bulk materials industry requires strict regulations and standards and has high demands on the machines when packing the products. The processing of different granulates, such as plastics, pellets, coffee/tea, grains, fertilizers/salts, building materials/plasters, etc., require a clean, dust-free and safe environment in the packaging and logistics process.

For this purpose, the packaging must be appropriately sealed to protect the products for transport and storage. Nowadays, various methods are used for sealing: folding, rolling, gluing, sewing and welding. Currently, bulk materials are packed into flexible bulk containers or large containers (big bags, octabins, inliners, or similar) using bagging equipment. To ensure that these bulk materials, especially powders and granules, are adequately protected for transport and storage, the large containers must be sealed and evacuated.

With the sealing machine STV 2200 from SSB Wägetechnik there is a professional and clean solution for sealing your large containers. During the closing of the bags by the STV 2200 a vacuum is generated here, which is the safest and most effective way to evacuate residual air. Due to the wide bag dimensions, the machine has a clamping and spreading device to make the application easy and safe for the operator.

Customer project from the plastics industry

For a major customer project from the plastics sector, we jointly found and implemented a suitable solution for packaging and neatly closing its products in large containers.

Here the requirements from the customer were Simpler and easier operation, better quality of the weld seam also for thinner film thicknesses, welding possibility for large containers with clamping dimensions of up to 2.5m, evacuation of residual air for product quality improvement, gas exchange of the packed bulk materials possible, suitable for dust explosives – welding possibility under Atex regulation, suitable for food – hygiene regulation, lower energy consumption, with welding controller for the temperature range 100 to 300 degrees.

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