Sealing unit STV 2200

Welding and evacuation station for large containers

The sealing machine model STV 2200 has been specially developed for sealing large containers. The machine can seal octabins with inliner, big bags or cartons with inliner and suck off the residual air. Due to the wide bag dimensions the machine has a clamping and spreading device to make the application easy and safe for the operator.

Machine components:

The welding and closing machine consists of the following main components:

  • Base frame with hydraulic lifting carriage for optimum adaptation to the container
  • Bag clamping system with mounted rollers
  • Bag spreading system with force control
  • Welding head with rear welding cheek and underlying sealing strip
  • Lifting unit for front sealing and sealing strip
  • Front welding cheek and sealing strip underneath
  • Suction lance with pneumatic lifting system
  • Control with central operation

Mode of operation / functional sequence of vacuum sealing machine

After the container has been placed centrally underneath the machine, the operator must clamp the inliner of the container to be welded with the quick clamps. The expansion bolts and the suction lance head must be located in the inner area of the inliner. The operator can now start the sealing cycle at the external operating point outside the protected area. The spreading device is moved apart by motor until the bag has reached a sufficient spreading force. An overtravel mechanism detects tearing of the inliner. Once motorized spreading has taken place, the suction lance retracts into the container to the set dimension. The front sealing and sealing jaws lower, and the sealing jaws close. The vacuum generator starts and the residual air suction is started over the set suction time. After the suction time has elapsed, the suction lance moves out of the bag and the sealing jaws close. The bag is sealed with the set sealing time. The sealing jaws open with a delay. Then the sealing jaws open with a delay and the front cheeks move to the upper position. The entire sealing head lifts to the set extension position. The container can be moved out. As soon as a new container is inserted, the sealing head lowers and signals that a new inliner can be positioned.

The machine has a touch panel on which the individual operating steps can be seen. Parameters/operating modes can be set. Error and monitoring messages as well as safety instructions are displayed in plain text. In manual mode, each individual step can be approached (step chain function).

The welding current is monitored and displayed via the control system.

Machine features:

  • Front operation, easy bag/inliner attachment
  • Optimized bag holding and spreading system
  • Pneumatically operated opening and welding system
  • 100% fully viewable work area
  • High operational reliability
  • Very fast operation
  • Ergonomic working environment


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