Screw Packer BSP25

The new SSB screw packer BSP25 is a compact machine for filling valve bags (optionally also open bags) with powdery, heavy-flowing or fine ground bulk materials. The machine consists of a stable basic frame, a gross weighing system with screw dosing unit, an integrated agitator and a dust extraction system.The machine can be adjusted to different bag sizes.

The stable base frame is made of welded sectional steel. Removable side panels allow easy access to the drive and bearing units. The compact design with a very low product infeed height of 1,500mm is suitable for almost all requirements.

A stable weighing frame supported at 4 points consists of:

  • Filling spout outer tube
  • bag clamp
  • suction hood
  • height-adjustable bag chair
  • precision load cell (approved for use in legal metrology)

For transport by pallet truck or forklift, the auger packer has a transport lock to protect the weighing system during transport.

The screw packer is equipped with an agitator, which loosens heavy flowing products before they are fed to the dosing screw for filling the product into bags.

The machine is equipped with a compact control cabinet to control the individual components. Control terminal with touch panel and display of all functions in plain text.

Benefits of Screw packer BSP25:

  • compact design
  • low height
  • transportable design
  • suitable for heavy-flowing products
  • integrated agitator
  • clean bottling
  • replaceable filling nozzles
  • Power up to 80 bags/hour at 25 kg
Packaging material: Valve bags
Capacity: 80-100 bags/hour depending on product properties, packaging materials and operator skill

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