Robot Palletizer Ai1800CE

The Okura robot palletizer reliably and efficiently palletizes bags, cardboard boxes and canisters and packs them secu-rely and compactly for transportation.

The new Okura robot palletizer Ai1800CE is available in three different versions which means that customers can select their robot according to their specific needs. The robots are very reliab-le and operationally effective. They are extremely low main-tenance, and a global service support network means help is there fast when it‘s needed.

The four-axes model makes it possible to achieve fast and accurate palletizing. It can be used for a large range of appli-cations and products. The robot can be programmed using the integrated software. This makes the robot adaptive and ensures that it can be deployed fast and flexibly. In addition, the robot features the fastest cycle time in the robot class.

Advantages Robot Palletizer Ai1800CE

  • Ultra-high speed
  • High load capacity
  • Large range of application
  • Low noise level
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly

The robot can be equipped with different bag gripping and empty pallet modules.

Additional optional equipment:

  • Bag flattener conveyor
  • Pick up roller conveyor
  • Centering Frame for emty pallets
  • Slip sheet magazine
Handling range: max. 1520 bags / Hour
Operation range: 4 axis, R-axis: 360 degrees, D-axis: 2300mm,
O-axis: 1518mm, T-axis: 440 degrees

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