CSA 70/75

The range of CSA bagging machines from PAYPER S.A. is an optimal solution for the industrial sectors that require a high level of automation and reliability. Paper, PE and coated polypropylene bags can be used for filling weights from 2 to 50 kg, depending on the bulk density. All models can be configured for gross weights or for net weights, according to production requirements.

Special features:

  • versatile use
  • High reliability
  • Degree of automation
  • Autonomous
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Easy to use

The machines can be additionally equipped with:

  • Corrosion prevention sets for aggressive products
  • Versions for use in explosive environments (ATEX)
  • Automatic labeling stations

CSA 70/75 bagging machine for medium bagging capacities, suitable for open-mouth, flat film and cross bottom bags.

CSA 70: Bagging capacity up to 700 bags/hour depending on the product. Optimal use for open-mouth bags without gusset. Designed for filling granular products as well as products with high density.

CSA 75: Bagging capacity up to 500 bags/hour depending on the product. Designed for open mouth bags with side gusset. Designed for filling powdery products.

Components of CSA 70/75:

  • Empty bag magazine (single or double)
  • Internal filling spout pneumatically driven
  • Bag reforming system for bags without gussets
  • Vacuum bag opening system
  • Internal bag discharge conveyor frequency controlled
  • Compact machine
  • Optimal accessibility, all doors safety monitored
  • Very good cleaning possibility
  • Operation via touch display
  • Remote diagnostics (modem)
  • Side guide for unstable bags (CSA 75)
CSA 70 CSA75
Weighing range 5-50 kg 5-50 kg
Capacity 700 bags / hour 500 bags / hour

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