CSA 100/105

The range of CSA bagging machines from PAYPER S.A. is an optimal solution for the industrial sectors that require a high level of automation and reliability. Paper, PE and coated polypropylene bags can be used for filling weights from 2 to 50 kg, depending on the bulk density. All models can be configured for gross weights or for net weights, according to production requirements.

Special features:

  • versatile use
  • High reliability
  • Degree of automation
  • Autonomous
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Easy to use

The machines can be additionally equipped with:

  • Corrosion prevention sets for aggressive products
  • Versions for use in explosive environments (ATEX)
  • Automatic labeling stations


CSA 100/105 bagging machine for maximum capacities, suitable for open-mouth, flat film and cross bottom bags.

CSA 100: Up to 1,400 bags/hour according to the product. Designed to handle open mouthed flat bags (without side gussets). Ideal for granular or high density products that ensures the stability of the filled bag.

CSA 105: Up to 1,600 bags/hour according to the product. Version suitable for handling bags with side gussets or PINCH bags.

Machine components of CSA 100/105:

  • Tray or motorized bandstorage for empty bags
  • Empty bag extractor system
  • Reference and balance system for empty bags
  • Opening system and placement for empty bags
  • Pneumatic feeding spout
  • Bag mouth conditioning system (with and without gussets)
  • Compact machine, with access doors equipped with safety devices
  • Evacuation belt equipped with frequency variator
  • Touch dialog display
  • Teleassistance facilities
CSA 100 CSA 105
Weighing range: 10-50 kg 10-50 kg
Capacity: 1,400 bags / hour 1,600 bags / hour

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