Net weigher PN 20

Bag: open mouth bag

Capacity: up to 1.200 bags/hour

The PN net weighers are manufactured in different versions with different throughput capacities. By choosing the appropriate feeding system and the quality of the materials, the control and dosing of a wide range of products can be ensured.

Easy maintenance:

The electronic PN net weighers work quickly, precisely and reliably. Large doors facilitate access to the interior for cleaning operations. With different weighing hopper capacities and feeding devices a wide range of weights from 5 to 100kg can be covered. Larger models can be manufactured on request.

Easy cleaning:

The PN20 models are easy to clean manually. Access to the dosing system and weighing hopper is easy via doors.

Different models:

CG: with double pneumatic cylinder operated flap for coarse and fine dosing. Suitable for granules, cereals, seeds, plastics, fertilizers and generally for all free-flowing granules

CT: Conveyor belt, driven by a variable speed motor, flaps to regulate the flow rate. For products with uneven flow, flakes, granulated feed, abrasive materials, minerals, etc.

CAD: Double screw for coarse/fine flow. Suitable for flour, compound feed, bran, ground minerals, milk powder, detergents and other powdery or fine-grained products.

CGV: with pneumatic cylinder driven flap for fast filling and vibration channel for fine filling. For large-grained products with uniform flow.

CVD: with double vibration channel and pneumatic closing flap. Suitable for grains, pellets, crushed minerals and generally for all products with irregular shape.

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