Loading shuttle for trucks

In order to load bulk goods, such as dusty or powdery products, quickly and with low dust on trucks and railway wagons, our loading shuttle offers all the necessary options.

User-friendly docking and easy, manual operation by the driver are given here. The product is protected during filling, a significant time saving is achieved during manoeuvring and positioning, and waiting times are effectively reduced.

Another advantage of our loading telescope is that it can be used to load vehicles of different heights, i.e. it can be adjusted in height and swivelled.
For the loading of railway wagons or trucks, a wide variety of versions are available, depending on the product.

Technical details and function:

For the loading telescope, a ceiling opening of at least 500 mm diameter is required.
The telescopic tube is lowered with an operating keyboard.
A flexible rubber tube is attached to the end. The pipe system is lowered into the lane with the fixed pipe system 200 mm above the highest position of the truck. The flexible pipe then protrudes into the dome opening of the truck.
The motor-driven loading telescopes can be integrated in the VW500 loading scale, or also in the lane level.

Due to the high product variety, individual consultation is required.