Loading Scale VW500

Loading systems for trucks and container filling

The VW500 bulk loading wheiger has been developed for a modern silo logistics system. This type of system is necessary to ensure the scale is extremely accurate – it can achieve measurements accurate to within +/-20 kg for total loads of 25.000 kg for standard products such as granulate, sugar or other products. The risk of overloading trucks is eliminated, and the system allows for precision loading of the individual vehicle chambers.

The system is certified by MID 2014/32/EU. In future, it will no longer be necessary to weight the truck for a second time. The procedure can be saved electronically, and order processing can be performed automatically if the system is connected to a database or software system such as SAP or WMS. All weighing data will be stored in a backup memory for at least 3 months.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, request or performance, the system can be integrated into existing silo systems.

The application possibilities of the VW-500 loading scale are manifold:

Freely movable, manually movable or with a motorized pallet truck.

This achieves a maximum of flexibility. The scale has a stand-alone control system with integrated weighing electronics that can be calibrated and a Siemens S7 PLC. It can be completely operated via the touch panel. The silo connection can be made in different ways. There is the option of a pressing device that presses firmly against the silo outlet or alternatively a pipe system that slides around the silo outlet pipe without a fixed connection. A positioning accuracy of at least 50mm should not be a problem.

The scale has a dosing system for coarse and fine flow. The capacity of such systems is usually designed with 500kg nominal bulk size. The scale outlet must be dimensioned accordingly large in order to empty the scale quickly. All weights are recorded in a verifiable manner. The secondary hopper, with which the product can be taken up from the scale very quickly and discharged in a metered manner, is equipped with a level indicator. There are two discharge systems: a telescopic tube variant and a discharge flange system. For the telescopic tube variant, a ceiling opening of at least 500 mm diameter is required. In the case of the outlet flange system, a pipe with flange and seal is lowered onto the on-site outlet flange. The outlet must be controlled by the customer and must be connected via the central plug-in connection. The overall height can be reduced accordingly