Multifill BE25

The Multifill BE-25 gross bagging scale is a modular system for different packaging materials and different products. All types of open/valved bags can be filled with the Multifill BE25. Different products with different flow properties can be fed by different dosing systems, such as dosing flap, dosing screw or vibrating chute.

The interchangeable nozzle system allows different filling nozzles to be mounted on the scale for filling open-mouth or valve bags. The bayonet quick-change flange as well as the corresponding pneumatic and electric couplings allow a quick and easy nozzle change.

The scale is easy and simple to clean due to the simple and adaptable design of the systems. This is particularly important for products that must not be mixed or that require reliable cleaning for hygienic reasons.

The basic principle of the Multifill BE-25 gross weigher is:

  • Basic frame (same for valve and open-mouth bag spouts).
  • Compact control with touch panel
  • Highest possible accuracy according to calibration law
  • Capacities up to 160 bags / hour
  • Pneumatic bag clamp
  • Different dosing systems such as rotary flap inlet for free flowing products, screw inlet for powdery products, vibratory trough inlet for lumpy products
  • Interchangeable spouts for mounting the different bag spouts
  • Dust extraction system

Optionally, the Multifill BE25 can be extended with the following components:

  • Bag inflator
  • Adjustable bag chair with and without compressor
  • Wheel set for mobile use
  • Integrated or side-mounted sealing system with two sealing bars and sealing regulator
  • Bag conveyor belt with height adjustable sewing machine for bag closing



Packaging material: depending on design open-mouth or valve bags, PE bags with and without side gusset, aluminum compound bags, paper bags
Capacity: 80-160 bags/hour depending on product properties, packaging materials and operator skill
Bag weight: 10-50 kg
Weighing range: 10-52 kg at a resolution of 0.020 kgIn accordance with the calibration law, Directive 2004/22/EC

Here to the Video of the machine.

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