PB12 gross weigher

The PAYPER S.A. PB12 gross weigher is designed for simple manual bagging processes. It enables the bagging of open-mouth bags made of paper, plastic, polypropylene or jute. Depending on the product to be bagged, the scale is available in different bagging versions which are described below. Optionally, the scale can be installed in its own frame or placed directly under the silo.

Model options:

CG: pneumatic clamp to control both coarse and fine feed. Suitable for products such as cereals, seeds, plastic pellets, fertilizers and free-flowing bulk materials in general

CT: belt conveyor driven by a motorgear, equipped with frequency inverter and clamps to adjust the flow. For irregular flowing products such as flakes, pellerised cattle feed, abrasive products etc

CAT: double screw for both coarse and fine feed. For wheat, flours, milled minerals, detergents, and all sort of of powder products in medium or fine mesh

CGV: pneumatic clamp to regulate the coarse feed and vibrating tray for the fine feed. Suitable for non free-flowing products or big size particles

Packaging material: open mouth bags
Capacity: up to 300 bags/h, depend on Product characteristics and the skill of Operator
Weighing range: 5-50 kg

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