The Payper ASSAC models are machines designed for tubular films. The FFS concept (Form,Fill & Seal) means that all these functions (forming, filling and sealing of the bags) are performed within the same compact machine.

The ASSAC F20 is a packaging machine that, like the Assac L20 machine, automatically unwinds the bag from the film roll, cuts it to length, fills it and seals it. However, the machine is considerably more powerful than the compact ASSAC L20. Thus, an extremely high production output is achieved fully automatically.

The ASSAC F20 is suitable for easy to handle flowable products such as fertilizers and all types of plastic granules (HDPE,LDPE,PP etc.).

The product is fed to the machine via a servo-controlled net weigher Mod. PN/90 and via a downpipe with dosing flap.

Packaging material: FFS tubular film, open mouth bag with side gusset
Capacity: 2,200 Bags/h

To the Video of the machine

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