The ASSAC C20 from PAYPER is an FFS bagging machine (form, fill and seal machine), fed by a net weigher, with an output production capacity of up to 1,000 bags/hour (25kg bags).

It is specially designed for bagging fine to coarse powders such as PVC and PVC suspension and similar products. It is also suitable for bagging standard granulates with a high output and high weighing accuracy.In contrast to standard bagging machines, PAYPER has placed great emphasis on a tightly sealed product filling spout during filling in order to specifically prevent any dust from escaping. The proven control system has also been optimised and prepared for future APP-based solutions.

This should make it even easier for the operator to work with the new systems without complicating the application for the operator. Complex tasks are combined in an operator-optimised way for easy handling and displayed on one interface.

Our modern bagging machines meet the requirements for high performance, precision and reliability with the highest degree of automation.

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