Pneumatic Packer PFG-10

The Pneumatic Packer PFG-10 air packer from PAYPER S.A. is a machine specially designed for filling powder or fine-grained products into valve bags. Based on the principle of fluidizing the product during the filling process, this uncomplicated and robust device finds a wide range of applications such as the chemical industry, mining, construction, food and milling industries, etc.

Products such as flours, PVC powder, resins and products containing fats or grease, which are sensitive to mechanical contact (a major problem when using a bagging machine with worm drive, conveyor belt or turbine) are correctly filled with the PFG10, as such drive mechanisms are not present.

The PFG-10 pneumatic packer is a machine specially designed for filling powdery or fine-grained products into valve bags. The packer enables gentle filling of the product. It offers optimal cleaning possibilities due to a large, easily accessible bottom opening in the product container. It is also characterized by very low maintenance costs and wear-free weighing technology due to the use of fully electronic weighing components. The packer is approved for calibration by the relevant national and European approval authorities.

A high degree of automation can be achieved through a wide range of options, such as automatic bag applicators with bag magazines, discharge controls, ultrasonic welding devices or cleaning devices. Due to the modular design, the machines can be lined up, allowing very high bagging capacities to be achieved.

Bags: Valve Bags
Capacity: 600 bags/h, depend on product


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