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Human and robot interaction in logistics

Intelligent robots take on a variety of tasks in warehouse logistics and have been established there for years. In warehouse management, for example, they take over the stacking, filling and dismantling of pallets, are integrated into sorting systems or transport goods on roller conveyors. SSB Wägetechnik offers the fastest palletising robot in its class with ultra high speed in the field of bag and carton palletising.

  • Our Ai800 robot simplifies your palletising operations: It palletises reliably, efficiently, packs safely and compactly for further transport.
  • Our Ai800 robot achieves a maximum output of 1,200 pieces per hour at 25kg/bag.
  • In pallet handling, it can handle up to 3 lines and there is no confusion in palletising.
  • Simple programming and software for the customer: appropriate palletising programmes for sacks are available and can be integrated by us if required.
  • Low energy consumption with high loading capacity, low noise level, environmentally friendly.
  • Own test facility at our premises enables the customer to test his requirements and performance in advance.
  • Complete line for: Silo management, bagging, weighing, filling, palletising, final packaging, wrapping, stretching.
  • Optional equipment: infeed roller conveyor, bag pressing conveyor, pallet conveyor, pallet removal position, safety device, light barrier system, empty pallet magazine, pick-up place, buffer section for full pallets.


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Take a look at our video on the Ai800 here: