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GWS 2000 granulate thrower for the sugar industry

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SSB Wägetechnik GmbH has developed the right machines for the sugar industry. Renowned sugar manufacturers have been our customers for many years and we have provided them with very successful long-term support for various projects. A suitable declaration of harmlessness with regard to the processing of foodstuffs, in this case sugar, is guaranteed by us and on our machines.

Our belt thrower GWS 2000 is a filling device for rear loading of loose bulk materials into 20 – 40″ containers by means of a centrifugal belt. The machine is suitable for all granular, grainy and pellet-like products such as sugar, but also plastics, grain, feed, coffee etc. with a size of 1.5 – 10 mm.

– Optimum filling level of the container
– Time saving, short loading times
– Cost reduction
– Clean loading
– Mobile use
– Easy to operate and maintain
– Fast cleaning

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Granulatwerfer GWS2000