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Expansion of the sales structure for the USA and machine certifications according to UL standard

Ausbau der Vertriebsstruktur für die USA und Maschinenzertifizierungen nach UL Standard.

SSB Wägetechnik has expanded its sales structure for the USA and acquired machine certifications in accordance with the UL standard.

The USA offers enormous economic potential and a wide range of industries in which machines and devices are used. In order to gain a foothold in this demanding market, careful planning and compliance with the relevant regulations are of the utmost importance.
UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification is of great importance in the USA, particularly in the mechanical engineering and electronics sectors. UL is an independent organisation that tests and certifies products for safety and compliance with US regulations. In order to sell machines and devices in the USA, they must pass UL certification.

Expanding the sales structure and obtaining UL certifications are interrelated challenges and therefore important steps to gain customer confidence in the safety of your products and facilitate market access.

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